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Re: Theme designers: contribute to core

Tammie Lister


May I suggest we have a consistent hover over colour just from a usability point of view? Even a hover and current would be the ideal I would go that stage further. I totally agree the top and sub / drop menus should both have a hover colour but it should also be the same. I also would lean to the menus actually being the same colour not the different white. My reason would be 2 fold: contrast / visual and usability.

Rather than doing a 2 cents with another version and creating a too many cooks situation I reckon seems sensible to add to the version you’ve come so far with @Modemlooper? May I suggest some possible enhancements as a result of this thinking?

I’m thinking we could perhaps add the following possible enhancements:

1. Hover / current styling
2. Darker consistent to top menu styling
3. Bottom border rounding on the drop down perhaps to match the top rounding on the top menus?

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