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Re: Theme not showing correct template file

John James Jacoby


Yes sir, this is exactly how I have mine. It is from the latest RC1 functions.php file it appears. (Side note: what does it do about archives, etc…?)

Back on topic (mostly)… Here’s a question, and maybe this is the culprit. I’ve asked over on the WPMU forums and so far no one has bitten so maybe I’ll theorize here.

I have two domains,, and originally had 2.7 installed on it, integrated with 1.0a6. I backed up my database and started my conversion process.

When I installed WPMU and BuddyPress, I did so at and I am confident I used the subdirectory option. Then when it was working and I had the test database all restored from my afore mentioned backup, and working with all the integration and everything, I moved all of the files from, to With a few hours tweaking, everything appears to be working, but this and the fact that it is now installed as a subdomain install instead of subdirectory.

Now, I can’t tell what the difference is between the two installs (subdirectory and subdomain.) The .htaccess files are the same, the database is the same, and the files all appear to be the same as well. What the heck does WPMU do where to have it know the difference? Could that be part of my problem? Ah!

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