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Re: Theme not showing correct template file

John James Jacoby


Seems the answer to this problem was much simpler than my above psychotic rant, but I don’t quite have a good fix yet…

The problem comes from using this function in bp-custom.php:

function blog_to_news() {
return 'news';
add_filter( 'bp_home_blog_slug', 'blog_to_news' );

Using that, it seems, causes the whole thing to be a mess. I’ve echo’ed the HOME_BLOG_SLUG, and it is in-fact “news” so that isn’t to blame, but if I remove that little snippet of code, problem solved. But I really want my “/blog” to be “/news” without problem. Hrm…

Also, and this might be common knowledge that I just now am figuring out, it seems that to switch from subdomain to subdirectory (in the event you only have the 1 main blog installed, editing wp_config.php define('VHOST', 'yes'); to define('VHOST', 'no'); will switch that over for you. Phew!)

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