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Re: Theme not showing correct template file

John James Jacoby


Alright, so I went through and triple checked all of my site_url related settings, they were fine. So I moved all of the plugins from mu-plugins to _temp (except the core) visited the site, then moved them back, and all appears to be well. Is it possible that BuddyPress just got confused? I’d say it’s probably more likely that I’m going crazy…

Next up… If I use the above blog_to_news function, I’ve got it working in the navbar, but the widgets in the blog still point to “blog/…” rather than “news/…” Funny thing is that they load just fine because I never updated the permalink structure to say “/news/%category%/%postname%/” but once I do that, it goes back to post 1 and doesn’t work again.

So even if the permalink and HOME_BLOG_SLUG match, filtered or not, if it doesn’t route to “yourdomain.tld/blog/…” then it doesn’t want to use anything but index.php.

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