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Re: Theme/profile errror, even with themes correctly installed

Burt Adsit


Hi people. The combo download for RC-1 from is fine in both the zip and tar.gz versions. Everything is where it should be. Just checked.

When does this happen? Clean install, activate the home theme visit the root blog and then you get this error? Or does this only occur when you are in the member theme area such as your profile and then try to visit the home theme? For example you click ‘blog’ or ‘members’ buttons.

I think that something is trashing a WP constant called TEMPLATEPATH that is created in wp-settings.php >> define(‘TEMPLATEPATH’, get_template_directory());

It’s either not getting set correctly or it’s getting fubar’ed later, somehow.

Have you tried activating a different theme for the root blog? Do you get the same error? Try just activating *anything* else other than the bp home theme and then do what you did to reproduce the problem.

Trying to narrow things down. Lemme know.

p.s. I flipped the red light switch on this thread so that others may join in the fun too.

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