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Re: Themes in 1.3



hola, sorry guys – wish i’d get an email notification every time someone had a bug with this theme. anywho, i’ve moved all the project files to google code at where I have several FAQs and patch files available.

*please note* that bp 1.2 will improve things dramatically by adding a boatload of new features, which includes theming. if you go to you’ll see how the default theme has changed. consequently, the avenuek9 theme will change accordingly near BP 1.2 release.

if you are not running bp 1.1.x on a development server (with the avenuek9 theme), please hold out on theming your installation, as it may become a royal pain in the arse once you upgrade. also, if you need any additional help, i usually respond better to private messages (because they fire off a notification to my personal email account saying that i need to bug squash =P)

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