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Re: Thesis & Buddypress (HELP!?)

Burt Adsit


When I enabled Thesis, I had to manually add pages for News, Blogs, Members & Groups. Everything appears to work until you click on one of the created Pages. (Blogs, Members & Groups mainly)

I’m not sure what ‘manually add pages for…’ means. You don’t need to add anything except the files plugin-template.php and plugin-sidebar.php which come with the bp home theme. Look in the home theme dir for those two. Just drop them into your theme’s directory.

Those files have action triggers in them that display whatever directory your user chose. Members, Groups…

If you are not running the bp home theme then within your theme you provide links to all the directories you want to be available. The urls would be:

You don’t have to create pages for these. bp hooks those urls and tries to display the appropriate directory using the plugin-template.php file.

What you’ve done is create mu pages with slugs that mimic the bp urls for the directories. Clicking on what you expect to be a page in your theme, fires off one of those urls. bp sees that it’s a bp internal reserved name for one of the directories and tries to oblige by displaying the directory. It can’t find that template file plugin-template.php and complains loudly.

Ya just can’t have pages named those things.

What you will have to do is override/skin the css for the directories if you want them to display in accordance with your theme.

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