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Re: TinyMCE for BuddyPress – works for 1.2 as well



Hello I am currently running WordPress 2.9.2 and Buddypress 1.2.1

I have this plugin installed on a test site that I have and from what I can tell, tinymce shows up on the content boxes on activity pages, profile pages, forums (starting a new topic) as well as replying to a forum post. However while on the forum pages once you input some content and press post, everything works fine (minus styling to the blockquote element), even though tinymce shows up in other areas once you hit “post” you get an error saying “Please enter some content to post”.

I have tried this in Firefox 3.6, Chrome and IE7 so far and while Chrome and IE7 always give you the error when trying to post from any area other than the forums, Firefox will give you the error but if you refresh the page and press post again the content will post.

Would seem like to plugin does just what you want in terms of the forums area and would be fine for me if I could disable it in the other areas unless there is a fix or workaround for the other areas.

In any event thank you and good luck to those who can fix this.

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