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Beck B


Can somebody help me with this nicenames business, too? I’m working on the username/displayname oddity I’ve already been chatting with @r-a-y about (re: the username only plugin) and have presently disabled his plugin and added this to my bp-custom.php:

Example 1

Well that’s lovely at various points across my site, but it doesn’t add the title info to links in, for example, the members directory. (Perhaps I should’ve more deeply investigated using your plugin as a base point, r-a-y!) So now I’m messing with the file members-loop.php, but the file bp-core-templatetags doesn’t have anything to handle whether BP_ENABLE_USERNAME_COMPATIBILITY_MODE is set, and consequently I’m not sure whether to request bp_member_user_nicename() or bp_member_user_login(). (as in: Example 2).

Obviously, as I’m currently set up, I know that I actually need to do the nicename thing, but on a more abstract level, what should I be doing? I see there’s a filter in function bp_get_member_user_login() I might be able to monkey around with, but as it’s only passed $members_template->member->user_login, I’m not sure that’d work (or, ignorant question, is a global variable really that global?).

I’m a bit over my head, in case that’s not already really obvious.

Would the best solution involve disabling these nicenames, whatever exactly they are? ( @r-a-y, I see the comment you pulled out of the WP code, but it doesn’t *mean* a lot to me. In my case, I’m not actually even sure how the two got set up, since I didn’t do the initial install of WP on my site. I just know the administrator comes over as [at]admin but with a login of cltgeeks, and I’ve sussed out that admin is evidently the nicename.)

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