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Re: Top navigation bar, main bar, lower bar, double menus why so complicated?



@JJJ: I see your point. Thinking of it now, it makes sense. BP isn’t meant to be a finished product design wise like Jomsocial, it’s supposed to be themed like K2.

@ David: In my opinion users above 35 who are used to forums and are already unsure what such social networks are for need the simplest navigation possible. As you said, I think that drop-down with fly-outs (when they work properly, as for example on give you a sense of how the site is organised, and that’s precisely why I find it would be particularly useful in this case. Especially if the BP community is part of a lager site with front page news, directories, etc, and that there is a higher navigation level.

If I use BP for my site, I will definitely seek to simplify it’s navigation to the bare minimum, and try to figure out how to intelligently combine the utility of BP and a forum, which in my view is the other big issue.

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