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Re: Transition from 1.1.3 to Stable 1.2 (when it's out) — Will it be streamline?



So… there will be an updates but it may not be effective at preserving user groups, tags, wires and messages?

“I noticed in an earlier attempt to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.2 beta that name changes for the template tags were a big hurdle. I’ll now stay on 1.1.3, probably until the summer. Not looking forward to the next upgrade…

Is there/will there be a list of template tag name changes, so you can go through them systematically with search/replace?” So the transition from 1.1.3 stable to 1.2 stable whenever it is released) will not be smooth?

I hope it will be because no online community likes big inconveniences.

Also, are there any estimates of when a stable release may come out? I’m very confident the stable release will be a wonderful milestone for the BP community.

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