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Re: Trouble Upgrading?

Dan Butcher


I had to first upgrade wpmu to 2.8.4a (from 2.8.4), and then I no longer got the fatal error when I auto-upgraded the BuddyPress plugin. However, my site was blank. In reading the instructions about the themes, I saw that I needed to move files from /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes. When I went to my server, there was no bp-themes folder there. Don’t know if something happened in the auto-upgrade or if auto-upgrade installs an incomplete version of the plugin.

I reinstalled buddypress, moved the themes from /buddypress/bp-themes to wp-content/themes (per the readme file), and I get this error message:

You do not have any BuddyPress themes installed.

Please move the default BuddyPress themes to their correct location (move /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/ to /wp-content/bp-themes/) and reload this page. You can download more themes here.

Note that the readme says:

move the themes in “wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/” to “wp-content/themes”

while the error message says

move /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/ to /wp-content/bp-themes/

following the instructions from the error message does allow wpmu to recognize the themes–but I still have a blank site. One problem down, more to go.

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