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Re: Turn off the main blogs forum tab?



Yeah, is there an easy way to turn that tab off without altering the code. Users can post from there as well and with this being a new feature (the buddypress part) it kind of makes the site look empty of users.

Q. Can a user post to a group he’s not a member of?

I noticed after installing buddy that if I went to this directory and clicked “Start Thread” I could start a new thread in the one and only group which had been set up in my install, the problem is though that this one group didn’t have “Enable discussion forum” under the groups admin, general settings page and so it shouldn’t have a forum yet people could still post to it.

I presume this must be a bug as it would seem a little off that the group has forums turned off but yet a user can post to that groups forums from the forum directory tab?

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