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Re: Tweetstream (twitter plugin) Beta testers needed!

I realise there is support for json in 5.2, but have added it to my version quite happily; are you in effect saying that the plugin will only work with PHP 5.2? if so that’s tough I can’t rush at upgrading PHP as I want package dependencies preserved and had issues trying to install update from a different repo. My only other server with WPMU/BP is a live production one and I am in the midst of preparing an update from 1.1.3 to 1.2.1 so can’t test tweatstream on that at present. It’s a shame as I don’t really like rolling out plugins on a live site until I have tested them localy and on live test site. Guess I’ll have to set up a new site on the production server which does run php 5..2 with yet another install to worry about :-)

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