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Re: Tweetstream (twitter plugin) Beta testers needed!



It looks like CentOS 5 only has 7.15.5 as the latest version in the repository. I’m not sure how easy this would be to update for the normal user that might have shared linux hosting. I will admit that it looks like that’s the issue. As a matter of fact, I think I know the exact issue.

I saw this posted when i saw looking at trying to update libcurl.

I needed the curl –libcurl switch which is not available in curl 7.15 so I needed to upgrade curl on the CentOS server I was working on.

The current version of curl available on CentOS 5 is curl version 7.15.5-2.1 but the current curl release is curl version 7.20.0-1. After reading the curl changelog it looks like the –libcurl switch was added to curl in release 7.16.1. So the end result is if you want to use the libcurl switch you need to upgrade curl to a newer version which is discussed in more detail below.

You’re using curl -libcurl aren’t you?

This would explain why none of us with libcurl below 7.15.5 are able to auth. Any way around this or are we just out of luck?

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