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Re: TwentyTen child theme for BuddyPress



@thekmen I’m just one of the people that think themes should be completely separated from the plugin the same way they are separated from WordPress. Trying to reduce everything to one theme with a bunch of child themes is only going to slow down development and discourage people from appreciating Buddypress. I mean look how few themes there are, one theme with with a couple color alteration child themes and now people are excited just to be able to use the generic WordPress default.

I actually prefer this not being a child theme because I’m not a programmer and don’t know enough to write a theme completely from scratch, and this WordPress default is the most basic sandbox like template to start with.

I think it is an inherent difference between front end and back end developers. You guys don’t care what it looks like as long as the programming is constantly up to date and I don’t mind if I miss some updates as long as its designed well. You guys try to plan for every possible scenario and I design to make things as customized as possible. I have a million ideas of things I want to do designing a theme for a non-profit I work with, but I’m not always certain about writing the php to get the functionality on track so I post on here about it. Instead I get front end advice, suggesting I write an entire plugin for something that can be accomplished with a line or two of html and css, just to keep the plugin pure. Neither extreme is the answer, I’m just saying it is a bit lop sided right now.

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