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Re: Understanding Members, Groups and Blogs pages i navigation



– Understanding how these 3 pages works in general. Do they belong to the bp-member or bp-home theme or both.

They are styled in the bpmember theme, which is a BuddyPress theme.

The bphome theme is a WordPress theme.

– Figuring out how I create a copy of lets say the Member page, then give that page an entire new name/slug.

Not sure about creating interior BP pages… I know certain BP plugins create their own slug and pages (eg. bpEvents, bpContents).

But depending on what type of page you are planning on creating, I would just create a new page in WP and assign a WP page template that is setup almost identical to the bpmember component in question. This would be the easiest route if you want total control of the page.

However, before you do, you might want to consult with a mod who has more experience with BP than I do! :)

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