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Re: Undo theme upgrade for BuddyPress?



Hey guys,

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately I didn’t backup my files prior to the install. I did everything via the admin panel/ dashboard. After installing the BuddyPress plugin itself, one of the options appearing at the top of the dashboard was to upgrade my current theme, that I did. It was a 3 step process I believe, the 1st or 2nd being updating my original theme files.

I still have the original theme files from when I purchased the theme, though would I have to overwrite all the current theme files with the original? I have made some changes throughout the ones I had, which probably means I’ll be back to where I started, but also, what about the plugins I already have installed? Would overwriting the current theme files with the original ones cause any harm or disruption to my currently installed plugins?

Thanks for all your help, very much appreciated!

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