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Re: Unplugged: A Dark and Sleek Child Theme for Buddypress 1.2+

Looks great! Happy to see people starting to build child themes.

A couple of things I noticed – you probably didn’t need to copy all of the default theme css into your theme. This will be loaded when you call the @import() call to the default theme CSS. At the moment you are basically loading the CSS twice. You actually only need to override the bits you need. By doing that you will gain CSS updates from the default theme when it updates. So if anything new was added to the default in the future, you would inherit the new styles.

Also, in your instructions you mentioned you needed to move the default theme to the themes folder. You definitely shouldn’t do this, WordPress will automatically detect it is in the BuddyPress folder. If you move the default then you will never get any updates when BuddyPress updates – it sort of defeats the purpose.

Could you add this to the WP theme repository? That will allow you to keep track of stats, let people download from within their BP installation, and allow you to provide automatic updates to your theme.

Nice work!

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