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Re: Update permalinks in activity stream

Roger Coathup


@pcwriter – Yes, the performance thing was interesting.

Quoting his SEO recommendations ( @mikey3d) as though he were an authority, wasn’t so clever.

Here’s a link from (they make their money knowing about SEO): – they are also open to reasoned debate about whether they are right or wrong!

As for your link problem – that’s because your activity stream items are ‘compiled’ when the activity was created – not when it is displayed – when it was created, you had your old permalink structure (so, that’s what got displayed).

It’s more luck, rather than design, that Otto’s permalink structure also maps your old permalink structure to the same pages as your new structure. I’d happily take the lucky break though!

My thoughts:-
If you don’t have a lot of activity already, and don’t expect a huge huge site (with performance worries!) – then go for the SEO friendly (/%category%/%postname%/), and accept a few of the old permalinks won’t work.
If not, stick with the Otto settings that are working at the moment

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