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Re: upgrade gone wrong… all wrong… white screen of death 1.0.3



John – thanks for the reply!! :)

I’ll check with my host about the memory… that’s something new to me… hmm.

All the files are in the correct locations, triple and quadruple checked. Buddypress 1.0.2 was working fine, it’s the upgrade to 1.0.3 that caused this. It was never activated, got a fatal error on activation so I clicked deactivate and then POOF. It said that it could not activate the plug-in when i clicked activate. But, white screen of death before I could try to delete it or do anything. It really didn’t like that update.

I have a few plug-ins running, but without the admin back end working, I can’t deactivate them. Can I place them in a separate folder temporarily without causing even more havoc? i.e. welcome pack, monty spam, wp ban, limited log in attempts, askimet, etc.

Just really want to get my blogs back in action. Don’t want people hating on me for losing all their data… although data is all still there, it’s just invisible. bizarre indeed!

Thanks so much for responding. really appreciate it.

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