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Re: upgrade gone wrong… all wrong… white screen of death 1.0.3



OK – here’s where I’m at. *deep breath*

I’m kind of scared to install buddypress 1.0.3 fresh, which is probably the only way I should do it at this point since that last install totally went awry. Thing is… WPMU is working great right now – and bbPress is still working great too. Will a fresh install of 1.0.3 pick up where I left off? Or do I need specific files from 1.0.2 in order for all the friends lists to work in the bp? I’m terrified that if I do a fresh install that it won’t pick up all that information automatically. OR… is all that information stored in the database and not a file? If it’s stored in the database I should be good to go, right? Or will there be malfunctions with bbPress and will I need to input the required cookie codes in order for things to pick up again? Or will the database (if it’s all stored in there) just be intelligent and see it?

Just wondering if anyone has ever done this before and knows the answers. Sorry for all the questions, just scared the blogs will flame up again and cause even more user emails to me asking why this and that. LOL

Thank you thank you!!!

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