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Re: Upgrade to 1.03 – forced to install WPmu 2.8.4a?



decided to make the plunge and do the automated update to 2.8.4a

encountered several fatal errors along the way but deactivating the plugins and then activating by “activate” instead of “activate site wide” seemed to do the trick. That and logging out as the admin and logging back in resolved most stuff.

Having to redo my .htaccess file that was coded to provided direct external SSO from aMember. Way beyond my ability so I await help from aMember.

Had to dive back into the bp-core to remodify all the changes. From a user perspective as opposed to a developer, following the instructions of the moderators on here is very difficult and since most of you are doing this for free, I am loathe to complain for any help you provide. I mention this because there is a certain level of knowledge in coding that is necessary before many of us can follow the instructions of Burt and other brillianto’s. Unfortunately, we don’t have that knowledge so the quick and dirty for us users who are trying to make buddypress operational is to simply cut and paste code in the core, write down in a researcher’s notepad akin to a research scientist titrating drops of transylvanian serum into Frankenstein’s bloodstream.

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