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Re: Upgrade to 1.03 – forced to install WPmu 2.8.4a?

Jeff Sayre



From which version of WPMU were you upgrading? If from 2.8.2 or older, did you see my post above?

Had to dive back into the bp-core to remodify all the changes…I mention this because there is a certain level of knowledge in coding that is necessary before many of us can follow the instructions of Burt and other brillianto’s. Unfortunately, we don’t have that knowledge so the quick and dirty for us users who are trying to make buddypress operational is to simply cut and paste code in the core, write down in a researcher’s notepad akin to a research scientist titrating drops of transylvanian serum into Frankenstein’s bloodstream.

AHHHH! Stop!

Of course you’ve had all the issues you mentioned above!. You are traipsing around in the codebase, modifying core files like there’s no tomorrow. Even if you are a “brillianto” programmer, you do not touch core files unless you are helping patch bugs or providing new functionality to the overall project.

Why? Because whenever you upgrade, ever single core hack you’ve made will be erased. What are your options? Either install other’s plugins that provide the functionality you’re after, write your own plugins, or place your code changes in the bp-custom.php file. But, never, never, never change the core code. If you do, you will have the issue you’ve mentioned above.

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