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Re: upgrade to Wp 3 from Wp 2.9.2 with buddy press

This has been raised on another thread and I made comment at my surprise that so many appear to be rushing into upgrades to WP 3.0 which isn’t at stable final release yet (although rc 1 is likely the stable version ) in tandem with There seems a belief that is tested and intended to work with WP 3.0 yet reading the roadmaps and the only mention you will see of WP 3.0 is in the notes for BP 1.3, BP 1.2.4 makes no mention of WP 3.0.

Unless others know to the contrary 1.3 is the version that will be written to work fully with WP 3.0, that 1.2.4 does work is a testament to the fact that BP is getting to a stage where it will work pretty smoothly with any releases, but WP3.0 is a major version release with fundamental changes.

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