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Re: Upgraded to 1.2.4 and now No Blogs Showing!


You have a fresh install? have you created any user blogs before the upgrade to BP1.2.4? In fact was this an upgrade to BP 1.2.4 or simply a first install/activation?

You will only have an issue with this table if you are already running blogs created under WPMU (don’t think the issue arises if adding BP to WP 3.0 with user blogs already created but might be wrong?)

Edit/ oops yes there is an issue wp_user_blogs does not pick up the fact that there are blogs on a WP 3.0 install

@0815 travel junkies instructions earleir in the thread explain how to deal with this issue but if you have very few blogs then simply re-enter the values however you may need to start at id ‘2’ as I believe – but may well be wrong – that blog_id would start at ‘2’ for a new install with ‘1’ being held for upgrades from WPMU

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