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Re: Upgraded to 1.2.4 and now No Blogs Showing!

Hi Guys,

That’s good news re: I haven’t installed it yet as I managed to fix my major issues beforehand thanks to the helpful folks on this thread.

There are some not quite major issues left however (re: widgets – see below). Does include fixes for the widgets too? If not I’ll wait for now.

Widget Problems:

User Blogs – Groups Widgets – No avatars. According to Firebug, default avatar blanks are being retrieved from instead of actual group-avatars from the internal folder ‘group-avatars’. Also none of the links ‘Newest’, ‘Active’ or ‘Popular’ work. They all return a 404 Error. I re-saved the ‘Permalinks’ pages for the individual Blogs which often helps with other 404s but alas, not these ones. Individual Group Name Links work ok though.

User Blogs – Members Widgets – Shows avatars ok but has the same issues with ‘Newest’, ‘Active and ‘Popular’ links returning a 404 Error.

Primary Blog – Everything seems to work fine there. All Group Avatars appear where they should (including in the Groups Widget), and ‘Active’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Newest’ links work ok too.


Stephen G

PS: Just to follow-up on the above…I have now installed BP – (24 May 2010)

The above issues remain.

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