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Re: upgraded to bp1.2, have a concern

I had this issue with iirc 1.2.2 and 2.8.6 on a test install, asked about it here and was told it should clear up with WPMU upgrade to 2.9, didn’t however! but no signs of any problems ever. Eventually the problem cleared up I hink when I probably did one further upgrade or at least during a period of much upgrading and deactivating/activating of plugins.

I think the response from others is likely to be deactivate all BP plugins and reinstall BP at least I think I went the remove BP altogether route and allowed the system to report BP deactivated due to not available and then installed fresh copy and activated that. Personally I didn’t re-install backups I had no issue with WPMU upgrade and stuck with that.

However let more experienced members advise you first, but the situation isn’t dire and will be resolvable.

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