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Re: Upgrading to 1.1-beta breaks Atahualpa blog theme


Thanks Andy, I just wanted to clarify that instead of integrating the Atahualpa theme with BP I decided to keep them separate for the time being and install Buddypress on a different blog within the same WPMU install. This way the two do not conflict and I can use the new BP theme architecture without tinkering with the source files. I will create CSS styles for Buddypress to match my web site’s look, but that should be pretty straightforward. Atahualpa offers significant customization capabilities (e.g. creating your own widget areas, split columns, etc) and I wanted to keep them until BP has similar features.

This setup actually works except a few minor issues with BP member and group widgets that I wanted to use on my main (non-BP) blog. The issues weren’t there in 1.0.3 – hopefully they can be fixed at some point.

I am liking my Buddypress-powered portal more and more :)

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