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Re: URL Shortening



I’m with @stwc on this one .. get off my lawn. :) “nature of the beast” is b/c folks choose to make it that way. @stwc is right U is for Universal and by following some easy w3c recommendations and guidelines we might make some sense of this internet thing. @arnonel ~ my best advice would be to shorten your own domains in the way that you set up the permalinks options or create .htaccess redirects for the urls for any links you want to shorten the url on ~ if you still insist try Shorty and/or Alex King’s Twitter Tools now supports a shortener …but let me warn you that if you use a plugin and/or shorty and it becomes unsupported then essentially, you’ll have broken links everywhere on the web, which is likely the reason that @stwc called it a cancer since you’ll be polluting the web with dead links. I’ve experience this personally with a site that had over ten years of articles. The owners of the site decided to install a shortener, it became unsupported and essentially they left the web with thousands of dead links in retweets, share-this, facebook links. etc.. with no way for me to clean them up, and as a result they also lost organic search results. As URL shortening services become obsolete (which they will), this is exactly what is going to happen.. cancerous shortened dead urls everywhere.

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