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Re: Use Album Plugin or Wait?



Well, on the 16th post Andy says

If the plugin continues to improve and sticks to the standards then I’d like to allow Manoj to continue building it as the official component. We’ll see how it pans out over the next little while.

What happens if he doesn’t and the plugin isn’t up to Andy’s standards?

Yeah, I know Andy also said we didn’t have to worry about the pictures already in the albums but how will it work? How much work will it take to switch to core photo album component from the Manoj’s plugin in case Andy decides against using it?

I am not asking those questions to get the answer here. I’m just trying to say I am hesitant to using Manoj’s plugin until we know a little bit more about the future of the core photo album component.

And trust me I desperately need a photo album for my website. It’s really hard to resist using Manoj’s plugin especially after reading so many good reviews. I just hate to take a road without knowing where it’s going to take me. Yep, I got burnt in the past.

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