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Re: Use Album Plugin or Wait?

Jeff Sayre


If you look at the roadmap, there is no mention of an photo album (or gallery) plugin. That does not mean it will not happen, it just means that it is not a priority up through v1.4. It also does not mean it will not happen before v1.4.

As with all open source projects, community contribution can significantly drive a project’s evolution. If Manoj, or someone else, comes up with what Andy (and the community) believes is an acceptable photo album component, it could get merged into BP core. Will that happen before v1.4? Will that happen at all?

Right now, Manoj’s plugin is a strong candidate. But, it does have a ways to go. In speaking with Manoj, he has said that he is waiting for v1.1 to come out before he upgrades and improves his plugin. That makes sense.

I have also discussed with Manoj the desirability to evolve his plugin into an overall media plugin–not just for photos. I personally believe that having a photo album plugin as a core component is of limited use in this day and age. Any core BP component, in my opinion, should offer as wide of a range of services as is practical. Here is what I said in another thread:

It would be nice to see an option to upload other media types as well. People not only have photos, but video, audio, text, pdf, and other document formats that could all be organized around the concept of media.

An album, then, would be a user’s place to add all the media types that they wished to share and organize. There could be sub-albums with an option to group by date, by media type, or by category or tag.

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