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Re: Use BP Default Home Theme on a different URL then Root



Hi r-a-y thank you so much for your help!! Sorry it took so long for me to answer but at first i had no idea how to create a new page template but finally i slowly figured it all out and now it sort of works (its not exacly what i hoped for but i think it will do).

Here is what i did:

  1. I duplicated my current Page template giving it its own name.
  2. I duplicated all the “sidebars” (widget areas) i wanted giving them unique names so they only are displayed on the “Commuiny” page.
  3. I then create a new WordPress page and applied the page template i created in step #1.
  4. In the WordPress Widget admin i added the BP widgets i wanted to the different Sidebars.
  5. To get the widgets to look more like how they do on the BP Default Home Theme, i coppied some of the CSS and icons frome base.css to my current CSS.

Im pretty new and pretty sure i made some mistake or broke some kind of “best practice” so please correct me or suggest extra ideas!

Thank you!

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