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Re: Use Forums without Groups?

Hugo Ashmore


<snip>so I can silence this discussion

:-) that’s a bit dictatorial isn’t it, but it is your project :-)

So Andy hows this for a different analogy in reference to the assertion about forums/groups and the deanjrobinson link you refer to now and again.

Taking a forum analogy Groups could be analogous to being the sub forums such as those we have on CSSCreator it is a forum but within that forum we have sub forums labeled ‘Beginners CSS’, ‘Layouts & styling’ etc so these are in fact BP groups and in the forum analogy you do not need to join that sub forum to post to it and as you state you do not need to join BP groups either to post to their forum.

This does raise the issue though why do we have that ‘Join A Group’ capability is there actually a point to that feature? Naturally I accept that I may be overlooking the reason?

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