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Re: Use Forums without Groups?

<snip>so I can silence this discussion

:-) that’s a bit dictatorial isn’t it, but it is your project :-)

Not really, I just meant that when I show you the new forums people might actually finally get it.

I’ve said this so many times but here we go again:

How do I post to the “main” forum here? The answer is I can’t. I must first go to a sub-forum and then post to that forum. All the latest topics of each sub-forum are then shown on the front page.

Replace the word “sub-forum” with “group” in the above sentence and you are describing exactly how group forums work in BuddyPress. There is no need to join a group before posting to a group forum, the process is automatic.

The blocker in people’s mind is simply just the way the information is displayed. Once I get the new forums running then this will hopefully help people understand there is literally no difference outside of the interface.

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