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Re: Use Forums without Groups?

Andy Peatling


Also consider all of the amazing extra functionality you get by using a group as a container.

For example on the new forums there is a group called “How-To and Troubleshooting” that replaces the existing plain forum of the same name. By switching this to a group forum I also get:

  • A dedicated activity stream so users can easily track new topics and replies in chronological order.
  • A dedicated list of people who have posted to the forum so you can gauge popularity or send out notices to only those who are interested.
  • Ability to extend and add features like a group blog, where members could post helpful information or even videos on how to fix common problems. Or even a group wiki so specific help documentation could be kept up to date by group members. The list is endless, and the number of group extensions is starting to make groups super powerful.

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