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Re: Use Forums without Groups?




thanks for the answers so far!

Setting up a separate bbBress is not really what I want, because it somehow would be overhead and a lot of additional for maintaining and everything.

Restricting Group creation sounds good. However this would require that all users are automatically created as members for the default group which will be used for getting the Forums. Additionally that would require some work on the theme, so that the users don’t get to see any Group related stuff.

I guess all this would be possible and I’ll look into it, but it’s not really what I had hoped…


Just because I don’t want to use Groups, BuddyPress is still well suited for my project. I currently have most of the other components disabled as well (like Blogs, Friends, Activity Stream), but nevertheless there are enough features that I can use for a private community. I especially like the easy administration (from within the WordPress Frontend basically), because I don’t want the users to be in the WordPress admin area.

All of this is superior to a plain bbPress installation, because I get all the WordPress features with it “for free”. So basically this enables me to keep the current website for the project but add some community features to it.



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