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Re: Useful BP and non-MU BP feature: list outside blogs

John James Jacoby


I wonder though, how BuddyPress could handle the activity feed from an external blog. My guess is that it really couldn’t, unless you can set up some form of XMLRPC to the existing BuddyPress site, which to be honest I know absolutely nothing about right now to even think if it’s plausible.

I agree that it would be nice to link your one site to other BuddyPress sites, but I suspect that some site admin’s may want to moderate the content that is getting filtered through their domain. There would probably need to be some moderation involved. What do you do about the Buddy Bar at the top? Or does this link basically just kick them over to the external site?

In my opinion I almost think it would make sense, in the interim, to just use RSS to display the content from one blog on another, to fit it within the format of an existing site, at least until something like this comes to fruition.

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