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Re: Useful BP and non-MU BP feature: list outside blogs



What I had in mind was simple links, where Profile > My Blogs would be a page listing, first, My Blogs on <BuddyPress Name>, followed by My Blogs Elsewhere. They would be simple links that take you directly to the outside blog, losing the Buddy Bar.

Using RSS to display actual content from those outside blogs on the BuddyPress site is an interesting thought, opens up a lot of possibilities but, as you say, would be tricky to police. It would also create duplicate content problems.

The need being addressed here is not to pad the user profiles and activity streams with content generated elsewhere but, rather, to make the profiles more useful, having the humility to accept the fact that the most important information about someone may not be located on their profile page within our BuddyPress network but elsewhere, and allowing that user to indicate wherever it is he considers to be his online “home”. Yes, many visitors will exit via those links but, if they find this open approach useful, they are likely to return and use our BP network as a platform from which to explore more profiles – a classic open vs closed situation.

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