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Re: User E-Mail Address as Authentification when Signing up

Roland Fauster


Well I am not after hacking Core Files and that is not really what I am doing.. I am just working in the functions.php in my template directory.

The reason why I want to use emails as (login)-usernames is that they are unique and I since services like google or facebook use the very same method I simply like the idea to give the user what he is used.

More importantly (and this just came into my mind).. I am german and there are Names using “Umlaute” like ä, ö, ü..

Now if I register a user whose name is “Björn”, the validation refuses to accept him. Also some users might be signing up with their full name like “Roland Fauster” as a username but bp or wp converts this to “rolandfauster” so the registration works with this however the user gets stored in the database as “rolandfauster” and can only login with this username whereas he can not be properly made aware of this (and if I display a message i am bound to accept that users don’t read what we stick in front of their faces :) )

Thanx for the Links I will check these out and see if I can work with them!

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