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Re: User lost activation email

Philo Hagen


I’m pretty new to Buddypress and WordPress. Launched my first site today with 95% of the “i can’t find my registration” emails solved by directing them to their spam folders. But beyond that I have three that can’t find their email, say it’s not in their spam folder, and I need to get em in. Opened phpadmin and didn’t see a “wp_signsup” listing. Checked out “wp_users” and found user_activation_key and there’s a list of 30 things and two of them have keys next to them. They’re different keys. How do I know which one to use? And how exactly do I use it. Do I go to the example url above and enter this key and then that gets them in? Or do I give them the key and they do that? Any insights most appreciated.

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