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Re: User / messaging exploit? Causing spam

John James Jacoby


@Seobrien, can you confirm that you were looking at the site users and not the blog users?

It’s a common mistake to think that users don’t exist because at first you naturally check “settings->users” instead of “site admin->users”. The first is only showing you users on the blog you’re looking at, the second will show you users on your site.

I can’t think of a circumstance where a user could somehow function through-out the site without a user account. Even if there’s a misalignment of data between BP and WP, if there’s no WP account, they can’t login. Also, they cannot login simply with an incomplete registration in WPMU (wp_signups), since the login page checks only the (wp_users) table.

@nexia, if you are duplicate this phantom registration method on any WPMU or BP installation, I’d love for you to PM me the steps so we can help patch the issue.

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