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Re: User / messaging exploit? Causing spam



Hi Andy, I think you are incorrect there. Spammers like to send spam. I am sure you get some in your email?

What is easier to get into a nice big community (without having to create a blog) and easily (?) send spam PM to all members of the community? You don’t even have to infect computers, as you can use the internal messaging system and you know most users will get the message as an email as well.

Hey, it saves them from email harvesting or buying ‘5 billion email addreses’ dbases as the community has already done this.

So, no, apparently (and this example that started this topic has proven this), it is possible on BuddyPress and it serves the spammers purpose, so disabling blog registration will not stop this. You can disable blog and user registration, but it might be hard to start a community that way..

Cheers, Harry

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