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Re: User / messaging exploit? Causing spam

Jeff Sayre



Yes, my Privacy Component works just as I described. It is an advanced beta available for testing. See this thread for more details:


I wouldn’t give users the option to set it to friends only. Or at least… I would like the site admin to have the ability to disable that option.

In my Privacy Component, the site admin can choose to disable this feature.

But, to get back on topic, I agree that the best solution is the one that requires the brunt of the filtering to be accomplished through invisible, behind-the-scenes techniques. Requiring users to prove that they are members and not bots should not be the first line of defense. I think it is okay, even necessary for registration purposes. But that is a one time occurrence. After that, the system should do more of the policing.

Concerning your second link above, perhaps we could create a new CAPTCHA that could harness the collective intelligence of site members to solve the Unified Field theory.

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