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Re: User Pages?

Beck B


Wait, I’m confused. You want it to show up in their profile, right? So why not just create a profile group and relevant fields?
Although…hmm….that might get tricky in terms of multiple Living/Deceased. Or you just allow a max number of pets (say, 5 in each category) and create that many profile fields. Anything left blank won’t show up in the profile.
That wouldn’t let you upload photos natively, although I wouldn’t be surprised if we already have a plugin for that.
Then again, you also wouldn’t have anything compiling everybody’s tributes. Is that what you want? Have to admit, I’m not super-clear on what you’re looking for.

Hm.. Not my most helpful reply, sorry.

Another thought: maybe you can mix a form you create with one of the front-end blog post plugins. So whatever interface they’d normally have to post an entry to the blog (your listing of everybody’s tributes) would be heavily locked down to just the info you want. I’m thinking BuddyPress would automatically include a link to the generated tribute post somewhere in their activity feed. (I know you said you don’t want a blog type page, but here I’m assuming you meant that you didn’t want the submission page to be part of a blog, not that you don’t want the submitted tributes to be incorporated in a blog.)

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