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Re: Username and Name

Jeff Sayre


The username field is a mandatory WPMU field. It is used by WPMU as the “user_login” field of the wp_users table. It is the necessary piece of datum that is used when a user logs in.

BuddyPress has its own mandatory registration field that by default is called “Full Name”. Look in the BuddyPress submenu group in WPMU’s backend. Go to “BuddyPress > General Settings > Full Name field name”.

You can change the “Full Name” field name to display whatever you want but you cannot remove that field from the registration page nor edit it to be something other than a single textbox field–at least not without hacking the core. Look under the “Basic” field grouping in “BuddyPress > Profile Field Setup” to see what I mean.

In fact, for, Andy did change the outputted name of that field to simply read “Name”.

It is this BuddyPress field that is used to display the user’s name. If fact, this field can be edited by the user when they visit their profile and navigate “Profile > Edit Profile”. On the other hand, the username field, which is a WPMU field, cannot be edited.

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