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Re: users complaining



I also hate since they started to “eat their own dog food”. Ironic. I find is very difficult to find past postings. needs a tab with forum topics started similar to the “My Topics” tab on the forums tab available on a stock BP install.

The whole “eat your own dog food” logic doesn’t really apply well on a site like because is not supposed to be like a social site. It’s more of a developer community that isn’t activity stream centric. Even Facebook uses an older version of PunBB for their developer community, FB doesn’t eat their own dog food.

And the whole “comment on a forum post in the stream *OR* in the original thread” is absolutely insane. When a user makes a comment… don’t make them THINK about where to make it. They should just make the comment and it should show up in *BOTH* places.

I brought up this issue a long time ago when BP 1.2 was being built. Easier said than done I’m afraid. That’s why there’s a “disable activity commenting for blog posts and forum threads” in the BP admin area. If it was easy, I’m sure it would have been implemented.

It also drives me crazy how you can message anyone by typing their username in “Compose > Sent To” but only your friends show up in auto-complete. Makes no sense

Actualy, it does make sense. You’d most likely message your friends for the most part. This also helps prevent PM spam. If you really wanted to message someone, you could go to their profile page and message them. Or if you intend to message them more than once, become their friend.

Your request could be extended via a plugin (which doesn’t exist yet!).

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