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Re: users complaining



I brought up this issue a long time ago when BP 1.2 was being built. Easier said than done I’m afraid. That’s why there’s a “disable activity commenting for blog posts and forum threads” in the BP admin area. If it was easy, I’m sure it would have been implemented.

This is what I was commenting on. I remember reading how difficult it would be, but I also remember some developers defending the Activity Stream as a separate thing. I don’t know how the conversation ended because it was locked and moved to some special dev forum. I hope this is something they are working towards.

BTW: For those looking for a plugin that gets you a little closer to a integrated Activity Stream (plus other great features) you should check out @nuprn1 ‘s BuddyPress Forums Extras Plugin:

Somewhere recently someone posted “IS BP dieing a slow death?” No. It’s going through growing pains. One of the things needed is more child themes. Not just to make it easier for everyone to have a cool looking site, they are needed to open up ideas on how BP can be used, and that will lead to a better user experience.

We went from a WP and phpbb powered site to BP about 3 months ago and made several mistakes. First, we used a “premium” BP theme (highly modified). Because premium themes need to be designed to work on any site they are filled with extra bloat (with almost all premium WP themes the bloat has got way out of hand, but that’s another rant). This killed our sever. The point being it lead us to develop a new theme from scratch, which was very eye opening and lead us to think outside the normal default theme. You would be surprised how much you can do by just rethinking the navigation and never touch the core. (I’ll post a link when it goes live in about a week.)

The second mistake we made was throwing every feature and extension at them all at once. We wanted to give them every tool we could. This of course lead to even more confusion. Having to do it over again I would have slowly rolled out each new feature one at a time so members could get a better understanding of what it was and how it was different from other features.

The good news is after a couple months the regulars caught on and slowly lead the newcomers. Since launch 3 months ago we added around 4,000 registered members are are currently adding more than a thousand per month.

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