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Re: users complaining

@dennis_h huh, i just noticed load more is no longer working too… is that in trac?

as for all the forum vs activity – i’m still hacking away at an activity stream discussion to replace bbpress. i hit a snag and more important projects came up so i’ll try and revisit it soon.

i still think the activity stream is the core of buddypress – if you can wrangle it and tone down the duplicates (ie, for blog comments/posts/forums topics/posts remove the excerpt and just make it a one liner with a permalink to blog and comment) – xxxxx user left a comment on blog xxxxxx. That is the nice thing about BP – change whatever you want.

i also have another advanced plugin – this would replace blog comments with the activity stream (though i don’t know how this works with a wpmu setup – single it works great)

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