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Re: Users posts to activity stream



I think you might be confusing regular blog posts with user status updates. Like any WP site, your users don’t need to be authors unless you want them to publish blog posts.

BP just adds the “social” side of things. The stuff like activity updates, etc. When your users create “updates”, this is like the Facebook status updates.

If you go to the BP Test/Demo site at, you will see the site activity stream. This is where all of the status updates show up for everyone on the site. Each user can go to their own page and see just the status updates for them and their friends, etc.

If you go to, you will see the regular blog side of things. Andy has one blog post there – the default WP blog post.

If this doesn’t help, maybe you can point us to your site and explain to us what is wrong with how it’s working.

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